These are some examples of music tracks I've created for client projects.  This is a small fraction of my library of work - if you're curious about a genre you don't hear here, feel free to reach out!

Grover's Playground Workout - Main Theme
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Sesame Street - Grover's Playground Workout

To accompany an interactive on Sesame Street’s parent-facing site, I created a track that was uptempo, encouraging and a little bit funky - plus, easy to loop under the bite-sized exercise activity prompts.

Nightmares - Nights of Stairs
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Jason Segel - Nightmares!

For a web game promoting Jason Segel’s book “Nightmares!”, I received a request for a Danny Elfman vibe.  So, I couldn’t help but work in some kettle drums and an octave-leaping tuba.

Top Crop - Main Theme
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National Geographic - Top Crop

This National Geographic web game was designed to show modern farming’s balance between maximum crop yield and sustainability.  To help put the player in the right mindset, I created a piece that incorporates a relaxing tempo (to simulate working with nature) while simultaneously using precise instrumentation to encourage a focused attitude.

Renegade Buggies - A Buggy Never Sleeps, Baby
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Renegade Buggies - Buggies and Black Coffee
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Dollar General - Renegade Buggies

In Dollar General’s “Renegade Buggies” mobile game, I combined uptempo driving rock with a dash of rockabilly flavor to add some zip to the game’s mini Kneivel character.  Then, for the results screen, I rearranged some of the main theme’s hooks into a loungey Muzak checkout-counter groove.

Con 'Em If You Can - Connor's Theme
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D2D Fund - Con 'Em If You Can

In the D2D Fund’s fraud-fighting web and mobile game, players learn to identify common fraud tactics by using them against a library of gullible investors.  This track is one of a handful I made for the game, maintaining a jazzy, caper-minded mood throughout.

Concert Chaos - Festival Level
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Concert Chaos - Beach Level
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Florida Virtual School - Concert Chaos

These tracks were done for Florida Virtual School’s “Concert Chaos” supplemental game, which used a different musical style (and concert venue) for each level.  For the music festival level, I went for a fuzzed-out mix of The Go! Team’s cheer-squad-esque vocals with some shimmery synth solos that nod at The Cure.  On the beach party level, I took the opportunity to brush up on Dick Dale and surf rock, then threw in some B-52s “Rock Lobster”-style organ.