2018, by my count, lasted about a year.

I say this because 2017 felt like it barely existed; I wrote about 4 songs, spent the majority of the year lining up a new job, got the job, and then - Whew!  Look at the time!  - that was that.

But so far, 2018 has been the appropriate length.  Which is a relief, since it was also my last year of being in my 20s.  In January, I turn 30.  Some days I can say this without flinching.  Others, it sounds unshakably foreign -- a phrase that other people say, sure, but why would I ever need it?


Then I take some deep breaths, and I look at my friends who have already turned 30, and I hide the clock behind a magazine.  I remind myself that I'm gaining more things than I'm losing.  I use that restless energy in the traditional manner: to tip the scales when I'm deciding whether or not to try something new.

And this year did include a lot of new things.  Somewhere in there, I...


Visited Japan for the first time.

IMDB page edit.jpg

Made it onto IMDB.


Had a piece displayed in an

art show at a gallery in Tokyo.


(           )

This was my entry.

Banner v2.jpg

Composed music for the JFK Library's                                       podcast.


Helped edit another podcast.


Made a few

short games.

Holiday newsletters get called out as glorified excuses to brag, and I'm definitely running with that excuse here.  It's a good foil to the end-of-the-year existential panic that can set in -- What do I have to show for this year?  Have I "made it" yet?  

And we all become a sort of cheerful Ozymandias:  Look upon my works, ye friendly, and rejoice.

But while the awareness of time and the chill of winter can make us a little self-centered, sure, they also remind us that we are not islands.  We make a point of gathering with friends and family -- the best way to get through a cold, dark period.  We reach out, and we try a little harder to be kind, because we know we're all in this together.  

So whether you're rallying around a tree or a flame or the pole from Seinfeld, you are doing it right.  You are making it.  YOU have lasted a year... and so have I. 

See you in 2019!